- Privacy Policy -

In development and subject to change.

When you first use the app, it will request you to enter your name and mobile phone number.

We need your correct phone number as a unique identifier in the the IntraVote System and as a means to contact you if necessary. We may contact you to confirm your number. If this number does not belong to you, we may terminate your access to the IntraVote System.

You do not need to enter your legal name, but you should use something that your participants will recognize as you.

We do not share your personal information with any outside party.

The phone numbers of your participants and the main content of your questions are not transmitted through or stored on the IntraVote System server. The subject lines, the question numbers and the answer options are temporarily stored on our servers so that your participants can correctly identify and answer the questions. The answer option identification codes as well as the IPs are anonymously temporarily stored on our server, so as to enable the correct transmission of the results to your device.

Although the IntraVote System takes numerous precautions to ensure the accuracy of the results, we are not able to absolutely guarantee 100% accuracy, especially if there has been purposefull tampering with the system. We do not accept any legal liability caused in case of inaccurate results.

We may contact you with requests for suggestions about how to improve the app in future releases, or to alert you of any important system or policy changes.

We may use an analytics service to review anonymous usage pattern statistics, to help us improve the app in future releases.


In development